sunset over water

Sun, air and water are ingredients for weather. Start here and navigate through this site to see all the variety.

Water Cycle

Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and runoff are parts of the water cycle, that can create weather extremes.

puffy clouds

You know about cumulus clouds and stratus clouds, but there are so many other types with unique features.


From lightning to the rumble of thunder, to wind, downpours, and sometimes hail, thunderstorms get our attention.

damaged house

A tornado is a violent vortex between a cloud and the ground. Most are not extreme but they can do damage.


Hurricanes are large, powerful, long-lasting storms that form in the oceans. If they strike land, impacts are large.

Sky Sights

Aside from rainbows, there is a huge number of interesting, colorful, and pretty things we see in the sky.

weather instruments

Radar, satellite, hygrometers, and barometers are just a few of the many tools used to measure and forecast weather.

weather map
Weather Forecasting

Understanding weather allows us to use math and computers to make weather predictions, to make life easier.

Earth from space
Climate & Climate Change

Climate is the average of weather in a region. Earth's climate is changing, partly because of human activity.

meteorologist at console
Meteorology Careers

There are many different types of jobs for meteorologists, all thoroughout society, and around the world..

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Educator's Videos

Weather and science videos, meeting educational standards, by subscription, for teachers of all grade levels.